Ask Stephanie

Stephanie Sigler MS, NCC, LPC is a licensed mental health professional and nationally certified sex coach. Holding her Masters in Clinical Mental Health, Ms. Sigler is licensed by the Texas Licensing Board of Counselors (Lic#78907) and is certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors (Cert#744231). Stephanie also holds certifications from The Gottman Institute as a Level 1 certified therapist and The Modern Sex Institute specializing in Alternative Relationships.

Stephanie is the owner of Beautiful Beginnings Counseling llc and Stephanie and Fox llc that hosts ‘Stephanie and Fox’ Podcast which also offers certified sex coach services for both individuals and couples both in and outside of the lifestyle. Stephanie is in a Consensual Non Monogamous relationship with her lover and partner Fox who is also her co-host on the show. She loves skydiving, theater, design and seeks adventure outdoors.

Ask Stephanie your lifestyle questions, Sexual Questions or just about anything to do with relationships & sex and she will answer them in every issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

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