Dear Lifestyle Family,

Upon talking with our attorneys today, they have advised us how members of our lifestyle community can help in a SIGNIFICANT way to sway votes for the upcoming proposed ordinance banning swingers’ clubs in the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Everyone has asked how they can help… THIS IS IT!!  Please take a moment of your time to send an email or two or three to the Fort Wayne City Council.  If you are worried about discretion, you do not have to use your personal email to do this.  You can create an email solely for this purpose.  It is IMPORTANT you send the email to ALL the City Council seats!!  You can do this by copying and pasting your email to each one individually or by simply addressing your email to all of them at once.

Our attorneys have given us some basic talking points and they are listed below:

* Champagne is private with strict rules of admission
* Not a business open to the public 
* You have the right to make your own private choices without government interference
* How you come into Fort Wayne solely for the Champagne Club
* How much money you spend at hotels, restaurants, shopping and Ubers while visiting
* You’ve never witnessed issues of any sort at Champagne

While these may be some general points to make, we want you to tell your story and give YOUR thoughts!!  This is YOUR chance to speak and be heard!!

Here is the contact information for our City Council:

Russ Jehl:

Glynn A Hines:

Geoff Paddock:

Jason Arp:

Thomas F. Didier

Paul Ensley

Tom Freistroffer

Dr. John Crawford

Michael Barranda

This MUST be done within the next day or two as the ordinance will be on the agenda Tuesday, August 6th.  Many have already sent emails and they are actually receiving emails back, so our voices ARE BEING HEARD!!

While Champagne may not be your home club or even a club you have ever attended, this issue WILL eventually affect ALL clubs in ALL cities!!  If there was ever a time to stand UNITED, THIS IS THE TIME!!

Thank you SO much,

Melissa & Eric, Owners
Champagne Club 
Fort Wayne, IN

#standtogether  #yourbodyyourchoice  #beheard

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